Trygghamna – Longyearbyen

Tried to get an early start, as we were supposed to get Easterly winds (right on the nose), but as usual, we just motored, as there was very little wind. Right out of the bay, we saw either a fin whale, Minke whale or a blue whale. Arrived 5 hours later, as the only sailboat on the ‘water’pier in Longyearbyen, which was a change from last time we were here, where we lay 3 deep on the pier. There were two Dutch boats over on the diesel pier. Skydancer was at anchor near the previous coal harbor, now small boat harbor, as was the red British boat, we saw last time we were in Longyearbyen. However, outside the harbor lay a large, very fancy motorboat, with a helicopter and large tenders that brought lots of people back and forth. The washing machine – and drier – was fixed, so we started doing a lot of laundry, knowing that that’s not available in Tromsø. Went out to eat and ended up in Pubben, at the Radisson, which wasn’t as good as Kroa, where we couldn’t get a table.

Kategori: Svalbard
Judith L. Jacobsen